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Perks of Administrating

September 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I mentioned in my previous post that I work as an Administrative Assistant Ninja for Joshua Lance CPA, LLC.  One of the perks of being a photographer and an Admin Ninja is that I get to pick the images that people see of us on our website.  And by pick, I mean capture the images myself and make sure they are up to my standard of liking.  That is what I call #winning.  Here are a few shots of my lovely co-workers.  Oh and shameless plug, if you need an awesome firm to take care of all your accounting and tax needs, check us out!


It's so fun working with these people.  We are all so different and that's one thing that makes our firm super unique.  I like to tease them that they are all nerds but really, we are all nerds, we just geek out about different things.  Somehow I have decided my nerdiness isn't as much since I like cool things like font and color scheme :)  I couldn't really ask for better co-workers!  Thanks guys for being so fun and awesome (even if you are all accountants ;))


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