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It's Spring- Well, Sort Of

April 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It’s spring!  Well, sort of.  Here in Westmont, we’ve had some strange weather the past week.  After some lovely mid-60s to 70s and a rainstorm, we transitioned from 70 degrees to snowing all in less than 24 hours.  We aren’t really sure if we should be unpacking the shorts, or keeping the winter accessories out at this point.

 Trying to take advantage of a less than ideal weather situation, my little buddy and I went outside and tried to do a little puddle splashing before it started raining snowing again.

A couple jumps in, he wasn’t so sure about getting dirty- but after explaining that this is what is supposed to happen when we jump in mud puddles- he went all out. 

I’m not sure if our neighbors thought I was being fun or just plain crazy- but I promise, I was super careful and watched for cars as I let my son jump on the side of the street.  Ha.  We had a blast and have a few fun images to show for it! 

Hopefully we have many more puddle jumping sessions and fewer snowball fights.  Happy winter/spring!




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