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Top 5 Tips for Making Your Family Photo Session a Smashing Success

March 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

  • Don’t stress.  Wait… don’t stop reading- I promise I’ll explain.  Let me preface this by saying, if you don’t already know- I have two little’s of my own (aged 5.5 and 3.5) and trust me I get it.  Kids are bonkers.  Also, they can always, always sense when you really, really want them to cooperate and usually- don’t cooperate.  It’s so hard to not stress because you just want the perfect family portrait.  You are paying good money and dammit, could these kids just cooperate for once?  Let me tell you a little secret- if you don’t stress, your kids won’t either.  They will be much more relaxed and willing to interact with me, the photographer, if they know mom and/or dad are chill.  Which leads me to my next tip…
  • Stop telling your kid to smile- that’s my job not yours.  If I need your help I’ll ask.  Your job, lovely parent, is to love your kids and make them feel comfortable- tickle them, make them giggle, and help them feel like they are the most awesome kids in the world.  I’ll crack some jokes- maybe get a little crazy dancing around (don’t judge) and I would be willing to bet that I can get at least one genuine smile from your kiddo. 

Here’s a scenario I run into ALL THE TIME.  We are mid- family photo and your kid is smiling, but you don’t know it cause they are in your lap and you are through gritted teeth chanting, “Smile johnny- smile.”  You, my friend, are going to be the one that’s not smiling and probably not looking too.  So stop telling your kiddos to smile- I promise I’ll take care of it. 

  • Communicate what you are hoping for prior to our session.  If you’ve seen my website, you know what I’m about- you know my style.  I’m assuming that is the reason you choose Engelhardt Photography.  If not, I’m afraid you may be disappointed in your end product.  I won’t compromise my images and neither should you compromise what you want in a family photography session.

You will be provided with a brief questionnaire upon booking your photo session.  Take time to fill it out, answer truthfully and in detail.  This will help me better grasp you, your family, and what you are hoping for in the end images. 

  • Timing is everything.  Just a couple things to say here- please be on time for our session. This is my business and I run it like many other businesses with scheduled meetings- it just so happens that “business meetings” get to be clicking images of your awesome family (let’s be honest that pretty much rocks).  Barring any unforeseen natural disaster or emergency, I will be on time for our session- please value my time as much as I value yours.  One more word regarding time- when we book our session- please choose something that works best for your family (i.e. not during nap or meal time).  I want to give you the best images possible and making sure your kiddos are rested and fed is a must.  Let me reiterate- I have kids and I get it- they just won’t cooperate sometimes.  In my experience- kids who are fed and rested are much more likely to do so. 
  • Use bribery.   I will shamelessly offer your child a reward (read lollipop) if he/she does a good job at the photo session.  Feel free to use whatever form of bribery deemed necessary to get aforementioned killer images.        


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