Lots of Lemons: The Day Generosity Filled My Soul

June 19, 2016  •  1 Comment

The US of A has been under a whole lot of turmoil lately.  No one can agree on anything and everybody is mad at somebody.  

But that's not what this post is about.

Last week, I was witness to a goodness in humanity that is often more scarce than I care to admit.  My dear friend and fellow photographer Roxanne Engstrom helped empower our young ones to do something that matters.  What started for my children and I as a moment to support their cause, turned into us being drawn in- to be more than just supporters, but participants.  

The kids and their friends set-up a lemonade stand to raise money for World Relief Dupage/Aurora.  These children, no matter the age, were passionate about helping out.  





























Sweet Annikah set up her hand-made jewelry shop, Miss Swapna provided henna art, and the whole lot of them whooped and hollered, poured lemonade, and welcomed/thanked people for their generous donations.  

It is amazing to me how young a child can be and still understand that there are people who are in desperate need of help, and that they can take part in helping relieve even the tiniest of burdens.  These children are innovative and intelligent and we, as adults, have much to learn.











You know what happened?  People showed up.

Here is the blurb from Rox's Facebook page:

"If you need to remember just how kind & generous friends & strangers are I highly suggest having a lemonade stand. These kids were out in the heat today from 10am-4:30pm and they raised $178.64 for World Relief Dupage/Aurora!!! Friends stopped by and brought donuts, iced coffee (hallelujah), paid way too much for lemonade and jewelry, & supported our kids. Strangers stopped and donated & cheered us on, friends from college days came by, friends brought rice to donate to newly arriving refugee families, & we are all hoarse from screaming at cars. We are sweaty & sunkissed. It was a good day because we have such good people and we are grateful."

I am thankful to be a part of this tribe: that encourages me to think outside the box, step out of my comfort zone, and have compassion on those who are in need- we are all in need of that really.  I'm thankful that they invite my children in, encourage them to participate, and to spark their imaginations for what could be, what they could do to help.  My hope is that as each of these children grow, they will always remember these moments and that in their own, unique ways, they will continue to reach out to those in need- seeking to help the lost and the lonely, caring for the stranger and the poor.    




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thanks friend! Love the images...the wallet one...I die. Thanks for all the love & support!!!
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