A Twist of Irony- On Why I Might Change My Mind

April 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I’ve been out of touch in the blogosphere for a couple weeks.  It’s been so nice outside it has really taken everything within me to sit down at my computer.  Finally spring is here, real spring.  Anyway, back in March, when it was still snowing, I had this wedding gig.  You may remember my previous posts here and here.  Yet in a twist of irony, I might totally change my opinion.  A lot of this comes from the feedback I am receiving.  Clients are happy with their images, delighted with their images.  Clients are contacting me and asking if I will shoot their weddings.  This, to me, says I might actually have a shot (pun-intended) at something like this.  Second shooter is still my fav because I get to capture what I like, but I’m finding that more and more people actually prefer those candid images to the traditional posed images.   The jury is still out on all of this, but I am open to giving clients what they want- maybe that’s what I have to offer. 

Back to the wedding gig- the lovely bride (who happens to be my step-sister) and her new husband finally had a chance to check out my images.  So for you, my dear friends, I will share a few more of my favorites from this special day.   We started off the morning with some yummy Caribou Coffee (thank you Minnesota) and hair/make-up.  For someone who barely wears anything, it was a stretch for this bride to put on that gorgeous red lipstick.  Eat your heart out T-swift.  

While we waited for the groom and kiddos to arrive (they were driving through some major snow situations), I took the opportunity to capture some of the details of the day.


The snow was good to us.  These images turned out so fantastic!  Also, I highly recommend shooting in a barrel room.  So gorgeous and fun!

And of course, how could I leave out my nieces and nephew.  Too much cute for one wedding.

As best man, my nephew received a pocket knife.  He so badly wanted to use it, but what good is a pocket knife in the middle of a snowstorm in Minnesota?  Solution- someone had to cut the cake.

All in all, the day was so lovely and fun!  Congrats to Kate and Michael and thanks again for allowing me to capture this special day!


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