On Why I Choose Friendship Over Competition

February 29, 2016  •  2 Comments


About a year and a half ago I was connected with another photographer who was moving to our neck of the suburbs.  I stalked her on Facebook (because anyone who is honest will admit they would do the same thing) and we ended up chatting a bit.  Also, anyone who is honest or maybe anyone who isn’t totally secure in their her own unique voice in the photography realm, would admit that a new photographer moving to town might create some anxiety- the dreaded competition.  At the time I didn’t know it, but this photographer would become one of my greatest cheerleaders, a photography mentor, and above all one of my dearest friends.  

Collaborative photo concept: my image take on her idea


Recently, we’ve had an instance of miscommunication.  Roxanne called me immediately and said, “Hey, I just need to know this isn’t what you meant to do.”  To which I was able to respond, confirming that I indeed did not intend to compete with her.  Out of that initial phone call came a great conversation.  We talked about our insecurities, how we would always go straight to one another if we felt even the slightest bit of competition, and how we would always choose friendship over client competition.

Collaborated photo concept: my image, her editing. * Collaborated photo concept: my image, her editing.


Here’s the moral of the story friends.  There are tons and tons of clients out there- plenty for everyone.  If people don’t like my style, that’s okay- maybe they will like Roxanne’s images or maybe some other great photographer out there in the Chicago-land area.   Life is too short to spend all my time comparing every image I create to everyone else.  I want to be for my fellow photographers.  We travel together on this journey- all with different ambitions, hopes, and goals.  We all have something to bring to the table- something that is uniquely our own.  At the end of the day, I’d rather have dear friends than more clients than I can handle- that’s why I will choose friendship over competition any day.   


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Love this and love you!! I feel the same way friend and I'm so grateful for the mutual encouragement we can bring to one another. Our God is not a God of scarcity. He gives in abundance. I'm so proud of you pushing through & finding more of you voice even when that means embracing criticism (Bc as you know that is the butt kicking I needed as well). Keep on friend!! See you behind the shutter.
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